Our belief

As a specialist in strategic meetings management and attendee management, we believe that successful meetings and events change behavior and have a positive effect on business performance.


Changing World

In a changing world, it pays to change your thinking. We will help you innovate, consolidate and enhance your meetings and events activities.


Performance Improvement

Together we will achieve long-term performance improvement; and shape future interactions using actionable insight derived from every touchpoint, experience and event.


Our services

We blend our meetings and events services with existing or proprietary technology to deliver inspiring and impactful results.

What's on your mind?

We work closely with some of the most successful companies and organizations in the world.

Over the last 25 years, we have built an enviable bank of knowledge and experience to draw from; so you can rely on us when it comes to solving even the most challenging issues that face your business today.



By challenging clients to think about how to innovate in meetings and events, we have redefined how they deploy resources. A key element of this advisory service is consolidation.

Consolidation of spend, resources, locations and technology in order to improve efficiency, manage risk and ultimately drive down costs.

Our approach is underpinned by over two decades of experience and a broad roster of corporate clients, and the results are evident across the range of our services.



True creativity is a mindset, not a service. Truly creative thinking will improve business performance.

A positive change in behaviour will only arise in organizations that look beyond the immediate.

There are a lot of creative agencies that will deliver an exercise in visual impact, but a more strategic and analytical approach is essential to drive true value from meetings and events activities.

By taking a creative approach to analysing our clients' organizations, we set the stage for relevant, inspiring and profitable experiences.


Risk & Security

In a changing world, new technology and new politics bring new security challenges. These challenges arise in almost every area of business operations.

Companies need to reassess their approach, how best to deploy internal resources and any solutions must be both robust and flexible.

Working with a broad roster of corporate clients has provided us with a wide range of unique scenarios, and very specific risk and security requirements.

Which route we take is determined by what we agree to be the most secure and effective method possible to meet the client's objective.


Data & Insight

The aim of meetings and events activity is to connect people and change behaviour. The critical foundation of that process is data. Businesses need to harness that data, identify patterns, inform decisions and improve performance.

Large organizations who operate meetings and events at scale need data insight in order to increase return - return on investment, return on objectives and return on events.

From the smallest meeting to the largest convention, every detail counts. Our longstanding relationships have enabled us to develop the tools and processes to create a comprehensive advisory service, challenging our clients to innovate and improve their performance.



Global corporations will always need to bring people together to improve performance.

Truly effective meetings of global teams can only happen in person, and only partners with global capabilities can deliver them.

Anticipating and servicing our clients' requirements has seen us establish six international hubs since 2001. By leveraging this international presence we have delivered the full range of meetings and events services, all over the world.


To explore discover more ways in which your meetings and events can have a positive effect on business performance, please contact us for an exploratory conversation.

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