Leveraging technology for L&D events

How leverage technology for learning and development meetings and events.

This is a guest blog from Wildgoose - an events company specialising in unique location based challenges.

While rote learning might have helped us pass our exams at school, few people are able to retain what they learned years down the line. With the eruption of technology, we’ve looked into how the latest gadgets can help improve retention after attending Learning & Development events...

Gamification to boost communication

The concept of applying game-based techniques through mobile applications to engage and motivate people, is one of the leading tools for digital team building companies. Encouraging employees to have fun whilst using their skills to navigate digital challenges together, will help to boost teamwork and engagement. Certain exercises, such as mathematical problem solving, will appeal to analytical minds, while other tasks, like the mannequin challenge, will work better for creatives.

Creating memories with video

We’ve already spoken about how events need to incorporate play and fun, but that can mean very different things to different people. Virtual reality and video are great platforms to get people communicating and interacting with one another and allow each individual to express themselves depending on their personality. With a range of people participating in Learning and Development programmes, it’s important that the technology is flexible enough to engage a variety of people. For example, confident team members could take part in a music video featuring the company’s core values, while shyer members of staff could try out a series of virtual reality experiences that engage them with the company’s story.

Use analytical apps to highlight brand values

Death by PowerPoint has become a common phrase. Nobody wants to sit through three hours of slides detailing learning and development theory. But how do you get your message across in such a short space of time? Digital memory challenges and games are a great way to get participants involved and test their recall. What’s more, by encouraging a bit of friendly competition and engagement through an app, you’ll find that people absorb your Learning & Development messages much more quickly. You could also encourage participants to discover your key messages and theory through a series of themed online tests and tasks.

Pre and post event

Technology has given us the opportunity to drive our Learning & Development events above and beyond a one day programme. Using interactive and versatile app technology, we can generate excitement pre-event through a series of online polls and questionnaires, while post event activities and round-ups give employees the chance to relive and remember what they learned previously.

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About the author

Ryan Galloway

Ryan Galloway is Head of Business Development for Wildgoose Events - an award-winning technology company that specialises in unique location based challenges using its versatile and interactive app designed to engage, motivate and provide insight. Ryan has been working for Wildgoose Events for over six years and focusses on building new client relationships.


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